Market Intelligence Update from Canada Beef: Exports to Mexico up more than 50 per cent

Canadian beef exports to Mexico grew substantially last year in volume and value.

Canadian beef sampling at one of the main business forums for the hospitality industry in Mexico and the Caribbean. Photo: Canada Beef

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By Claudia Herrera-Blanc
Abril 6, 2022

Canadian beef exports to Mexico from January to November were 58 per cent higher than last year, with an accumulated volume of 18,807 MT. Value grew by 107 per cent to USD$141.2 million. For November Canadian beef export volume went up 15.2 per cent to 1,634 MT, valued at USD$13.81 million. Canadian chilled muscle volume exports showed an increase of 54.25 per cent to 14,347 MT, compared to last year’s volume of 9,301 MT, while value totaled USD$120.12 million compared to USD$70.92 million in 2020.

Rising meat prices are stimulating demand for lower-cost proteins in Mexico’s domestic market. In 2021, the average price of meat exports from Mexico rose by 23.7 per cent, and imports by 32.8 per cent. Mexico’s total beef imports to Nov 2021 were up 13 per cent in volume (157,701 MT) from same period 2020 and up 49 per cent in value to US$1.12 billion. As a consequence of the international price increases and high levels of inflation in most of the world, Mexico’s expense on imported beef and meat proteins soared 57.5 per cent compared to 2020 levels.

According to the Mexican Meat Council, per capita consumption of beef in Mexico for 2021 pointed to a slight decrease year-over-year, declining from 15.1 kilos to 14.8 kilos. In November, Mexico imports from Australia were down 32 per cent from October. Beef imports from the U.S in the same month totaled 10,970 MT valued at USD$90.7 million. Chilled muscle cuts accounted for 63.48 per cent of the U.S imported beef products (6,964 MT) while offals and variety meats represented 30.15 per cent (3,308 MT) of the total imported volume. Nicaragua continued to be a major supplier to the Mexican market in November, exporting 2,235 MT of beef with a value of USD$12.2 million. Beef imports from New Zealand made a slight comeback in November with 10 MT.

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