Global brand strategy sets sights on consumers

(Calgary, AB) – April 17, 2015 – Canada Beef President Rob Meijer is proud to launch Canada Beef’s next strategic road map with a series of videos and online materials highlighting the organization’s primary objectives for the next three years (2015-17).

The entire supply chain and beef producers coast to coast were a part of the thought process and final plan, which will enable Canada Beef’s drive toward brand loyalty with customers.

«We consider ourselves a catalyst for the entire value chain,” stated Meijer from the Canada Beef headquarters in Calgary. «Over the next three years the Canadian beef brand will become emotionally embedded into the minds of our partners and we will connect with consumers more directly on our own. Our desired state is to capture, grow and sustain mind share.”

The strategy highlights the four pillars of the Canadian beef brand – Producer, Product, World Class Standards and Sustainability – and the detailed emotional and technical proof housed under the Canadian Beef Advantage (CBA). The CBA, which is the DNA of the Canadian beef brand, is topped with the Canadian beef brand promise that ensures a commitment to ‘excellence without compromise’ from the entire industry.

“Our strategy will engage everyone from grassroots producers to consumers by applying the emotional contributions related to Canadian beef as well as the technical elements. Canada Beef does not own or sell beef; we are committed to creating, leveraging and driving a brand through to the consumer in order to secure demand pull in our priority market,” said Canada Beef Chair, Jack Hextall.

Canada Beef has evolved since 2011, and the company will continue to adapt. This is no more evident than with the recent addition of the Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence (CBCE), a truly world-class facility of culinary, training, education and innovative excellence.

“The Centre of Excellence is the personification of the Canadian Beef Brand, where we bring the brand to life,” said Meijer. “Here we have already begun to see valuable returns on investor dollars as we drive innovation, build knowledge and awareness, foster important relationships and deliver value.”

While the Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence proves to embody the Canadian Beef Brand domestically, Canada Beef’s strategy also calls for enhanced cooperation with international trade commissioners in priority markets. This allows Canada Beef to maximize and leverage existing resources in-market to engage consumers, retailers and foodservice providers through the Canadian Beef experience.

The Roundup App, and Canada Beef’s social media platforms, are accessible channels now available around the world. The Canada Beef web properties will also undergo a massive facelift in the coming year, as well as a refreshed digital strategy to reach out to consumers, stakeholders and industry in new ways, taking an increasingly global approach. Visit to learn more about Canada Beef’s Strategic Plan.

«In all my years in the beef industry, I believe the next three years promise to be the most exciting from a brand perspective,» said Meijer. «We now have a national league, teams and players of a high calibre and under a branded approach, Canadian beef will be sought after by other major brands around the world for partnership.”

Canada Beef is the cattle producer-funded and run organization responsible for domestic and international beef and veal market development. It has offices in Canada, Mexico, Japan, China and Taiwan. Canada Beef works to foster loyalty to the Canadian beef brand and build strong relationships with trade customers and partners. These efforts increase demand for Canadian beef and the value producers receive for their cattle.

For more information, please contact:
Ron Glaser
VP, Corporate Affairs and Operations, Canada Beef
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