Federal Government to join Canadian Beef Festival in Shanghai

June 5, 2015 – Calgary, Alberta – Canada Beef is pleased to announce the participation of the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Andrea Lyon at the Canadian Beef Festival and consumer culinary event in Shanghai on June 13, 2015.

Based on the Canadian Beef Branding Series, the Festival highlights the four pillars of the Canadian beef brand – The Producer, The Product, World Class Standards and Sustainability. By engaging consumers in both the emotional and technical attributes, the event aims to create and sustain strong brand loyalty to Canadian beef through a direct go-to-market consumer channel.

Chinese consumers, food media and bloggers will experience the Canadian beef brand, joining Deputy Minister Lyon, as well as Canada Beef President Rob Meijer, and Directors John Schooten of Alberta and Arden Schneckenburger of Ontario, and the Canada Beef team from China.

“Deputy Minister Lyon’s endorsement and in-person support of our branding efforts in China, and the ministry’s support of ongoing efforts is nothing short of extraordinary,” says Canada Beef Chairman, Jack Hextall. “This enhancement is all about us connecting with the growing Chinese middle class and the culinary media. We are working to bring our Canadian beef brand to life.”

“This event is an excellent example of how Canada Beef and the Federal Government continue to partner globally to build and strengthen loyalty to Canadian beef and veal,” said President Rob Meijer. “Our strategy to create and sustain a relationship with consumers has only started. We intend to earn their loyalty and trust in what we consider world class, high quality beef.»

The event will include a cooking demonstration of two premium Canadian beef cuts, followed by the opportunity for the consumer audience to cook and experience their very own Canadian beef meal. This will allow the attendees to learn how to prepare, cook, and moreover, enjoy Canadian beef.
Polly Zhao, Director, Business Development in China, is confident the event will strategically position the Canadian beef brand.

“The event will work to stimulate and sustain our premium global brand among Chinese consumers, to increase the brand awareness and foster brand loyalty,” said Zhao. “We intend to make Canadian beef a favourite protein among Chinese consumers.”

Canada Beef is the cattle producer-funded and run organization responsible for domestic and international beef and veal market development. It has offices in Canada, Mexico, Japan, China and Taiwan. Canada Beef works to foster loyalty to the Canadian beef brand and build strong relationships with trade customers and partners. These efforts increase demand for Canadian beef and the value producers receive for their cattle.

For more information, please contact:
Ron Glaser
VP, Corporate Affairs and Operations, Canada Beef
(403) 275-5890