Beefing up social media with #Felfies!

2014 will be the year of the #felfie thanks to Canada’s beef farmers & ranchers

March 19, 2014, Toronto, Ontario – If the year of the #Selfie was 2013, 2014 will be the year of the #Felfie and Canada’s beef farmers and ranchers are leading the herd. Felfie is a combination of Farmer and Selfie, showcasing life on Canadian farms and engaging with consumers who enjoy Canadian food.

“Canada Beef, in cooperation with our provincial partners, has launched an exciting campaign to encourage Canada’s beef farmers and ranchers to share their #BeefFelfie,” says Rob Meijer, President of Canada Beef. “We’re seeing more and more producers engage in social media and with Canada Beef’s large social footprint; we saw this trend as a great way to connect the farm to the fork, the farmer to the consumer.”

Consumers want to know where their food comes from and by providing a forum for Canada’s beef farmers and ranchers to showcase life on the farm we open the door to more conversations. If you are, or know, a Canadian beef farmer or rancher, join the moo-vement and ‘show yourFelf”. Visit the Canadian beef blog for all the details on submitting your #BeefFelfie.

Canada Beef is the cattle producer-funded and run organization responsible for domestic and international beef and veal market development. It has offices in Canada, Mexico, Japan, Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan. Canada Beef works to foster loyalty to the Canadian beef brand and build strong relationships with trade customers and partners. These efforts increase demand for Canadian beef and the value producers receive for their cattle.

For more information, please contact:
Tayla Fraser,
Industry Relations, Canada Beef